Slush Powder - Instantly Turns Most Any Liquid To Gel! (2 oz)

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  • Magic Geek Slush Powder Turn most liquids into a solid gel
  • Complete Magic Geek instructions included
  • Dump liquid in fast for the best results with Magic Geek Slush Powder
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty Only When Purchased from an Authorized Magic Geek, Inc.TM Reseller


Magic Geek, Inc. Slush Powder will gel almost any liquid into a solid mass. This is the highest quality slush powder that is faster, firmer and more consistent. One teaspoon of slush powder will gel one 8oz glass of liquid in seconds. WARNING: Slush powder is not a food grade product and should not be ingested. Should only be used by people 10 and older. This Slush Powder is Non-toxic and is Biodegradable which is good for the environment. With respect to sales on line, we will provide a manufacturer’s warranty only for products purchased from a reseller who we have confirmed as providing genuine, new and authentic Magic Geek, Inc.TM brand products. Currently, Rock Ridge Sales is the only reseller that we have so confirmed and authorized, and the only reseller for which the manufacturer’s warranty applies.