Rock Ridge One Way Forcing Deck for Magic Tricks, Red Bicycle Queen of Clubs

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  • Includes trick instructions
  • No skill or practice required
  • 52 Identical cards - Poker size
  • 2 Jokers
  • Great for beginner and expert magicians

The quickest, most surefire way to force a card-No skill or practice is required. You need a One Way Forcing Deck. We start with a brand new Bicycle Rider Back deck. We open the box and magically change the 52 cards so that they are all the same. Jokers appear to be immune to our magic, so they stay the same. You are left with one of the greatest weapons in magic. Use this tool to fool spectators left and right. The One Way Forcing deck includes instructions for tricks. However, the sky is the limit for tricks with this deck. Works great for tricks where the spectator signs the card, because youÕll have 52 duplicate cards to restore your deck after the trick. Likewise, it works great for Torn and Restored tricks. You always need a duplicate there. Because it is standard Bicycle stock, you know you are getting great cards Ð possibly the best in the industry. And they will match with any Bicycle Rider Back deck that you have. Make sure that you choose red or blue back to go with your favorite deck. The One Way Forcing Deck means that all the cards are the same. Hold them so that they spectator can only see the backs of the cards and it looks like a regular deck of cards. We even include the Jokers in your deck so that you can use them in your tricks. This deck is great for beginners and experienced magicians. It works right out of the box.