London Magic Works Spongeball Set with Spongetastic Manual- Perfect for any hands, large or small! (Choose Your Size and Color!) (1.25", Blue)

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ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN EASY TO LEARN TRICK THAT WILL AMAZE AUDIENCES BOTH YOUNG AND OLD? This Sponge ball and Spongetastic combo set is the answer! This set contains a manual to learn tips and tricks sure to amaze any audience! Don't use sponge balls that are stiff and don't retain their shape! Use high-quality, flexible sponge balls that fit in even the smallest of hands!

Customers report that these sponge ball tricks are easy to learn, and are wowed at how quickly they can be mastered! NO skill is required, and with an easy to follow manual, even you'll be amazed at how quickly these tricks can be learned and performed with confidence! Don't forget to practice!

The perfect gift for the experienced or budding magician! Better yet, gift yourself and become a sponge ball master today!

If you're looking for a high quality, easy to learn magic set, that is the perfect addition to any magic routine AND caries a money back guarantee, then you've come to the right place! Click ADD TO CART now!