Empire Magic Break Away Wand

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Comedy magician's around the world have been successfully using the Breakaway Wand for years. Imagine how excited the spectator would be, if you were to allow him to actually perform the magic himself! You show him how to operate the wand by simply holding the wand at the end and waving it to make the magic happen. Well, when the spectator holds the wand at the end and starts to wave it, the entire wand breaks apart! Trust me, the audience will roar with laughter! Your response can be, "Hey, That's OK. We're going to use it anyway, because in today's world, we have to be creative." or "Don't worry, that's my fault. I should have brought a better quality wand with me today. I can fix it when I get back to the Magic Studio." The Breakaway Wand is a wonderful magical prop to complement any effect where you have a spectator in the performing area with you. This is perfect for magicians, clowns, M.C.'s, mimes, storytellers and other variety performers. The Breakaway Wand measures 9 1/4 inches long by 1/2 inch diameter. The photograph shows the wand 1) rigid for use during your show as a regular wand and 2) when it has fallen apart. You receive one Breakaway Wand and instructions.