Close-Up Pad 16 x 23 Inches - Perform Flawless Card and Coin Tricks - Available In Three Styles and Multiple Colors (Emerald Green, Standard)

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Does your magic routine need a little something? With the London Magic Works Close-Up Pad you can perform flawless card and coin tricks. The pad makes card spreads a breeze and picking up coins effortless.

Each pad has non-slip rubber backing so your pad is sure to stay in place. A high quality fabric top and inner cushion to ensure your routine can be performed effortlessly. The cushion on these pads makes performing sleight of hand illusions and picking up cards and coins a piece of cake.

This pad should last you through years of magic routines, tricks and illusions. Whether you’re a card trick expert or you’re just starting out with magic, the no-slip London Works Close-up Magic Pad is a great way to improve your performance of card, coin, and cup tricks. Its cushioned texture is great for playing games with spectators and fooling even the sharpest of onlookers. With this mat, picking up cards and coins is a breeze. Magicians of all skill levels can benefit from this grippy magic pad. Performing convincing sleight of hand tricks on a hard table can be difficult, if not impossible. The close-up pad is one of the most important accessories for performing card and coin magic, making tricks easier for the magician and more convincing to spectators. Whether you’re a child, adult, or teen, adding this close-up pad to your magic kit is a simple way of improving your sleight of hand tricks. Bring it to parties or performances to really take your magic to the next level. You’ll love its simple and effective design. Buy one today!