Posted by Don on May 26th 2017

Its Friday and I AM PUMPED!

Today is Friday and most people are pumped, because the weekend is finally here.
Are you fully charged up and ready?! Are you ready to “up your game?”

Magicians use lots of lines in their act.Here is one that you can use in your act when you are doing your INTRODUCTION:

I am (not) from New York.People there use such big words, like Fageetaboutit. (say it with a New York accent) So, if you like my act, my name is (insert your name) and if you don’t like it,…. Fageetaboutit.

And here is one you can use when you are getting a VOLUNTEER assistant from the audience:

(If he/she has a simple name like Jane Smith)

Jane Smith?Wow.Try saying that three times fast:Jane Smith, Jane Smith, Jane Smith.Actually, it’s very easy.

Now, maybe you need a new TRICK.Here is an easy one:


Effect:A piece of paper as is torn in to 8 pieces, as shown:

You have the spectators write the names of 4 DEAD persons on 4 of the pieces and the names of 4 LIVING famous persons on the other four pieces.The pieces are collected in a hat.The magician is blindfolded.He now reaches into the hat, takes out one piece at a time and immediately announces weather the name written on the slip is a DEAD or LIVING person.


By tearing the paper on the lines as illustrated, you will notice that FOUR of the pieces have TWO smooth edges (end pieces) while the other 4 have each only ONE smooth edge.First have the 4 LIVING persons’ names written on the END piece.Then hand out the other 4 pieces with the rough edge have the names of the DEAD person written on them.When you reach into the hat, feel the edges and you can correctly identify whether the name is a living or dead person.

And finally, our shamless plug for a NEW product on Amazon:

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And then, they want to see the quarter.  And you need to get rid of the quarter.We include foolproof instructions on how to disappear the coin.Then, just reach into your pocket and pull out your regular quarter, and hand it out.

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Have a great weekend!  Look for another Post next FRIDAY!  We'll have a new joke, help for working with kids, and new card trick for you!