Aztek - The Ultimate Levitation Principle DVD - No Magnets, No Threads, No Wires

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An impromptu trick and one of the most UNUSUAL principles to come out for a long time!

Aztek is a great concept. It's a gimmick that will make any borrowed bill levitate on your palm or on the back of your palm under impromptu conditions.

This new device uses:
-No threads
-No magnets
-No wires!
You can make bills from all dominations float in midair!

Remember... with this method you do not need to attach a you-know-what somewhere around you. The bill is floating above your hand while everything is in full view. You can freely move or walk while the bill is levitating!

The DVD shows you how to build your own gimmick within minutes. It will teach you how to perform the effect and how you can get the most out of this fantastic principle!