8 Foot Appearing Straw From Royal Magic - Amazing Magic Trick

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Imagine removing an eight foot straw out of the smallest of bags! Add a comedic punch to your act, or mystify your audience with your ability to produce enormous objects out of nowhere. Extremely simple and effective. The magician walks hurriedly onto the stage carrying a McDonald's bag looking worried and stressed. As he looks at his watch, he announces, "Oh, I was so late I didn't even get a chance to have dinner... well, at least I had a chance to stop at McDonalds." He sits the bag on the table and looks in... He pulls out a hamburger... " One Hamburger!" he explains. He looks in again and becomes upset when he pulls out a coke, "Would you look at that! They gave me a small coke and I paid for a large one!" (Waits for audience response... A-A-W-W-W!) he looks in the bag one last time and shouts with much exuberance, " Well at least they super sized my straw! You now pull an eight foot straw from the small bag! A guaranteed reaction getter! Tons of Fun! A Great Gag! Amazing Magic that fools the most logical mind. Easy to do!